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20 Must-Read Books for a More Fruitful Lent in 2024

Updated: Jan 29

With Lent just a few weeks away, I thought it would be helpful to do some research and make a list of some great book choices for Lent.


1. The Road to Calvary: Daily Meditations for Lent and Easter

This is the book I will personally be using this Lent. Recently, I've read several chapters from various books by St. Alphonsus and I really like his writing style. His books are easy to read, chapters are short yet profound (perfect for busy moms).

$29.95 on TAN BOOKS

Here is a review and look inside of "The Road to Calvary".

2. Humility of Heart

I've heard Fr. Ripperger say this is the best book on the subject of humility. That makes it a must read for me!

   $12.99 on Amazon

3.Know Thyself: 100 Guided Meditations on Humility of Heart

What I like about this one is that it has taken brief excerpts from Humility of Heart, making it easier to read and use as a daily devotional.

$25.10 on Amazon

4.The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich

This book goes into incredible detail describing what Our Lord suffered during His passion. It's a long and ambitious read, but definitely worthwhile.

$12.69 on Amazon

5. Sermons of St. Francis de Sales For Lent

Anything by St. Francis de Sales is a must read.

$15.95 on Amazon

6. The Passion of Christ Through the Eyes of Mary

This is a great choice for growing in deeper devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows.

$15.29 on Amazon

7. Meditations on Death: Preparing for Eternity

This book has such profound meditations that are excellent reminders to use our time wisely and for the greater glory of God.

$18.38 on Amazon

8. Lent and Easter Wisdom From Fulton J. Sheen

I heard great things about this book and anything written by Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen is sure to be inspiring and thought provoking.

$9.45 on Amazon

9. The Sadness of Christ, Saint Thomas More

St. Thomas More is one of my favorite saints. This book has been said to be perfect for Lenten reading and to provide profound insights and reflections on Our Lord's passion. He wrote it while imprisoned and during the time leading up to his martyrdom. It's definitely on my reading list for 2024.

$ 9.99 on EWTN

10. Tears of Christ

You can't go wrong with a book written by a Saint, let alone St. John Newman. An amazon reviewer said the following about this book:

"Perfect reading anytime, but especially great for Lent. Helps to get a feel for the genius of now St John Henry Newman. Some of his books are a bit challenging without some aid in understanding from a theologian. But, this book is readily understandable to the average person while still helping you to go deep in your spiritual walk."

  $14.95 on Amazon

11. The Agony of Jesus

$6.59 on Amazon

12. Revelations of St. Bridget

$4.95 on Amazon

13. Aquinas's Lenten Meditations: 40 Days With the Angelic Doctor

$19.83 on Amazon

14. The Cries of Jesus from the Cross: A Fulton Sheen Anthology

$16.39 on Amazon

15. The Way of the Cross

$4.49 on Amazon

16. Forty Dreams Of St. John Bosco: From St. John Bosco's Biographical Memoirs

$15.95 on Amazon

17. On the Passion of Christ According to the Four Evangelists: Prayers and Meditations

$13.19 on Amazon

18. Stations of the Cross with Our Sister St. Thérèse

$5.00 on Amazon

19. Divine Intimacy

$64.95 on Sophia Press

20. At the Foot of the Cross; or, The Sorrows of Mary

$12.50 on Amazon

Which is your favorite?

  • Know Thyself: 100 Guided Meditations on Humility of Heart

  • The Road to Calvary: Daily Meditations for Lent and Easter

  • Humility of Heart

  • The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

*Some of the above links are affiliates.

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